To promote the advantages of Taekwon-Do and sport in general to younger children, our ‘Little Tiger Cubs’ programme has been specifically designed to cater for children 3-5 years old. Its aim is to introduce basic martial arts skills through a mixture of simple games, fitness drills, and Taekwon-Do training. This training programme aims to assist in the physical development, improved health, and increased fitness of each child. The programme will encourage the development of motor skills, balance, endurance, flexibility, strength, and the coordination of eye, hand and foot. Through this development, each child should find greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our Little Tiger Cubs syllabus has a structured reward system to teach our young members that good attendance, good effort, and good behaviour will help them to achieve their goals in life. Our young members also have an Assessment system which helps keep a clear focus on attaining a higher level of skills. They are rewarded with Life Skill Patches, Core Skill Certificates and Martial Arts Skills Belts and Certificates.  




To book a Little Tiger Cub class please contact Leo Maguire on: 07891191494